Membership - UK school


  1. Decide who you want as your Super User – when you fill out the checkout form you will be asked to name a Super User. Ideally this should be the person who is filling out the checkout form, and will usually be your Reading Leader. The Super User has the highest level of access to your membership account information (including the pupil and staff data that will be stored in your account linked to assessment and CPD). Once your membership has been made live your Super User will also be responsible for setting up your staff log-ins
  2. Remember that when you are completing the checkout form you are creating the Super User account – keep a note of the password you create at checkout, which will only work with your Super User email address. Until your school has attended a Welcome Zoom and you have a PO number confirmed your account will be Pending when your Super User  logs in.
  3. Make sure you have a PO number (your finance or business manager can provide this) – you will need to put this in at checkout. Your membership activation will be delayed if we do not have a PO number from you.
  4. Have your DfE and URN numbers handy – you will need to add this at checkout. You will also be asked to add a Team name (e.g. Acme school phonics team, Team reading etc) this is for your internal use only.
  5. Look out for your Next steps email – when you checkout we will send you a Next Steps email including details of how to book your Welcome Zoom.

Picking your school size 

Please choose your school size from the drop down menu. We will verify that you have chosen the most appropriate membership for your school as part of your onboarding process.

Discount codes and special rates 

Small, Junior and SEND schools 

If your school has a a PAN of 15 or less, or you are a Junior or SEND school we have a bespoke rate available. Please email us for details of how to claim this rate if you are eligible.

MATs and Federations signing up more than one school

For MATs and Federations signing up multiple schools please email us  for a bespoke discount code. 

Our small, Junior or SEND school membership rate is our lowest priced subscription and no further discounts will apply.

Membership – UK school

From: £300.00 / year




Your annual Little Wandle Letters and Sounds Revised membership gives you access to our complete systematic, synthetic phonics programme so that every child in your school can learn to read, and love it! Membership resources include weekly content covering every lesson, a comprehensive range of guidance on all areas including assessment, Keep-up, engaging parents and application of phonics to reading using matched decodable books. We provide support to get started with our programme, plus ongoing support for your Reading Leader. Our whole school online CPD is available on-demand and our pupil assessment tracker allows you to track pupils’ progress over time and plan Keep-up.

Before activating your Little Wandle Letters and Sounds Revised membership we expect members to have attended a Welcome Zoom and have a Purchase Order number in place. Once you have attended an a Welcome Zoom your Super User will receive an email enabling them to set up log-ins for your school team.

Please read our full terms and conditions.