Use in class

Save time with ready-to-use resources

Support children to practise their learning with our Use in class downloads which include grapheme mats, ‘Grow the code’ charts and letter formation practice sheets. All our Use in class resources are designed to support children both during their phonics lessons and in repeated practice.


Child friendly

Attractive resources featuring our unique Little Wandle characters have been designed specifically for children to use. Download and use within the classroom to give children handy reference guides as they build up and practise their new phonics skills (picture not to scale!)


Tried and tested

All our Use in class resources are matched to our Progression and use illustrations and language that children will be familiar with. We strongly recommend that our members only use resources they have downloaded from our website in class. This ensures accuracy, consistency and fidelity. Some of these resources are also provided in the public For parents area of the website for families to use at home.


Use in class resources include grapheme mats, letter formation practice sheets, support for tricky words and Grow the code mats.

Letter formation practice sheets

Handy sheets to print out and use for handwriting practice outside your phonics teaching.

Phase 2 and 3 grapheme mat

Ready to print grapheme mats for children to use as they practise their phonics.

Phase 2 grapheme mat with capital letters

Grapheme mat to use in class once you have introduced capital letters.

Grow the code mat

Use to support children to grow their phonics knowledge in Year 1.