Throughout our journey of creating Little Wandle Letters and Sounds Revised we’ve been determined to make a brilliant resource for fellow teachers that is purposeful for you, and visually appealing and engaging for your children.

A low-cost annual membership to our programme will reduce teacher workload, ensure high quality consistent teaching of phonics and early reading for every child in every classroom and help you continue to grow a love of reading in your school. 

Annual membership prices

Small school – £300, 1 form entry – £750, 2 form entry £995, 3 form entry+ £1,250. See further information.

Here’s what’s included:

  1. Weekly content for every phonics lesson for Reception and Year 1.
  2. Engaging getting started videos, audit and guidance to ensure your school gets it right from the start.
  3. Detailed support for application of phonics to reading, spelling and writing.
  4. Reading session templates, prompt cards and How to videos to support the teaching of decoding, prosody and comprehension.
  5. Development of vocabulary by Professor Kate Cain and the encouragement of Reading for Pleasure by Professor Teresa Cremin.
  6. Comprehensive Keep-up teacher’s guide for one-to-one and group teaching supported by 24 How to videos to ensure children at risk of falling behind meet age-related expectations.
  7. Accessible videos and downloads to support parents to encourage their child’s reading at home including pronunciation videos.
  8. 72 How to videos modelling every aspect of teaching phonics, reading and Keep-up.
  9. Summative assessments every six weeks identify next steps for whole class teaching and children who need Keep-up. Our online tracker records and analyses data providing an easy to use heat map.
  10. Support to match children’s secure phonic knowledge to the appropriate decodable reading books.
  11. High quality whole school online, on-demand training with training report.
  12. Ongoing support for Reading Leaders through a bespoke webinar programme.

Through our partnership with HarperCollins we’re also delighted to offer 120 fully decodable books matched exactly to our progression, plus joyful and engaging mnemonics and catchphrase cards, friezes and wallcharts.